Dank-Urkunde der DKMS

New stem cell donors for DKMS

In this hectic world, which seems to be characterised only by crises, some employees wanted to set an example of hope and charity. When a family member of an employee was diagnosed with cancer, we came up with the idea of activating new donors for DKMS within our company.

According to DKMS*, “every 12 minutes in Germany someone receives the devastating diagnosis of blood cancer, worldwide every 27 seconds. Blood cancer is still the most common cause of cancer-related deaths in children. Many patients cannot survive without a life-saving stem cell donation, and the search for suitable donors is always a race against time. The faster a ‘match’ is found, the greater the patient’s chances of survival.”

No sooner said than done, and thanks to the excellent support of the DKMS Donor Centre gGmbH donor service, a campaign was launched in no time at all. We covered the costs of the campaign as a company and are delighted that some employees were able to register as new potential stem cell donors.


* reference: https://www.dkms.de/informieren/ueber-die-dkms