Whistleblower system

Compliance with laws, rules and internal guidelines is of great importance in our group of companies. By behaving in accordance with the law and with integrity, we protect our company, our employees and our business partnerships.

The WILMS Tiefkühl-Service GmbH whistleblower system gives you the opportunity to provide specific information and clues and to report potential misconduct by employees. The whistleblower system guarantees protection for whistleblowers and those affected.

An investigation is initiated by the whistleblower protection committee set up for this purpose after careful examination of the information and if there are concrete indications of a breach of the rules. This information is processed in a fair and confidential process. We also guarantee the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers and those affected during the process.

You have the option of contacting our whistleblower protection committee via the whistleblower system, exchanging documents and staying in touch via a dedicated mailbox. This works confidentially and securely. Whistleblowers can decide for themselves whether they wish to remain anonymous. If you would like to send a confidential report, you can access the protected online reporting channel for our company via the following link.