Warehousing logistics

  • Quality control
  • Storage and transhipment
  • Paperless order picking
  • Packaging
  • Weighing
  • Batch tracking
  • Temperature-controlled from -25°C to +18°C

Services provided by WILMS Tiefkühl-Service GmbH range from the storage and order picking of individual pallets for collection by customers up to complex logistics projects with WILMS taking over the entire handling of purchasing and logistics on behalf of major customers.

Additionally, the service also includes “straightforward” warehousing services. WILMS Tiefkühl-Service offers warehousing and transhipment facilities for temperature-controlled products in the following temperature ranges:

  • FROZEN (-25 °C to -18 °C)
  • CHILLED (+0 °C to +6 °C)
  • AMBIENT (+7 °C to +11 °C)
  • DRY (+18 °C)

Order picking plays an important part in the supply chain with regards to supply reliability and quality. In addition to its own specialized and experienced employees, WILMS Tiefkühl-Service uses state-of-the-art technology in the order picking sector.

As early as 2004, the company introduced voice picking in addition to scanner technology, making it one of the first users of this technology in the frozen food sector.

In order picking according to weight, item or carton, voice picking speeds up processes at WILMS Tiefkühl-Service, thus ensuring high quality in order processing.