Contract logistics

  • Combined warehousing and distribution logistics (3PL)
  • Dedicated and multi-user warehousing logistics
  • Warehouse management
  • Outsourcing

The WILMS Group offers a wide range of services along the supply chain: procurement, quality control, storage, packaging, order picking, distribution and returns management.

For customers wishing to implement their own warehousing and logistics concept without the need of developing their own infrastructure, WILMS Tiefkühl-Service handles the logistical core functions while strictly adhering to customer specifications. Thanks to this level of support, warehousing and logistics capacities can be flexibly adapted to demand. The “breathing” WILMS logistics concept reduces costs.

As part of outsourcing projects, WILMS Tiefkühl-Service also handles warehousing logistics, existing ones or ones newly to be established. WILMS Tiefkühl-Service adapts flexibly to the business structure and organisational processes of its customers and is fully integrated in the flow of goods.